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Fragrances for automobile chemistry

Car care includes the followings:

  • Car wash
  • Interior dry cleaning
  • Body and interior parts polishing
  • Aromatization

Typical liquids for these purposes are car shampoo, foaming agents, car polishes and flavorings.

All detergents have a pH ratio of 13 - 14 and the creation of fragrances resistant to such an aggressive environment is a complex process. Our company offers a variety of fragrances that are able to survive in such an environment and effectively overlap the smell of raw materials.

The composition of a standard paste-like polish for car body includes: wax or synthetic base (silicone), abrasives (kaolin, clay, chalk, granite or marble powder), color pegs, additives forming a protective barrier.

Fragrances added to these chemicals not only give a pleasant smell to the products themselves, but also create a cozy atmosphere inside the car.

Our company cooperates successfully with producers of car chemicals and cosmetics and offers a wide range of flavors for the industry.

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